7 Geeky Wedding Pictures From Ungeeky Weddings


If you’ve followed mental_floss for long enough, you've probably seen Miss Cellania’s articles about geeky theme weddings. Today we have a round-up of people who had fairly normal ceremonies, but let their inner nerdiness slip out in their wedding photos.

1. Battlestar Galactica Pose

At first glance, there's nothing particularly strange about Justin and Heather Hartley’s wedding, but their choice of positioning for the photo is based on a classic Battlestar Galactica image (which was based on The Last Supper).

2. Superheroes in Disguise

While this might be one of the geekiest wedding pictures ever taken, Erin and Tim’s wedding was totally normal. That’s because the groomsmen hid their superhero colors under their tuxes during the ceremony, only to be released at the perfect moment by the bridesmaids.

3. Wedding iPhoto

If Jeff Foxworthy wrote geek jokes, there would have to be one along the lines of “you know you’re a geek when even your most formal photos have to involve a computer.” Jeffery and Yi-wen Cuvilier’s laptop-loving wedding photo is simply adorable.

4. Theatrical Posing

Justin and Julie are both theater geeks at heart. So while their wedding was held in a beautiful white gazebo, it was only fitting that their reception took place at an art house movie theater.

5. Romance in 3D

Jessica and Chris are self-proclaimed movie dorks; Chris even proposed on a movie marquee. Unlike Justin and Julie, these two opted to have their ceremony in the theater itself.

6. Mustaches Anyone?

Estelle and Loggy had a vintage wedding complete with a carousel at the reception, which provided for ample stunning pictures of the couple and the wedding party. But none of these photos are particularly geeky, until you get to the few goofy pictures featuring Estelle and her bridesmaids rocking a variety of mustaches.

7. A Zombie Engagement Celebration

To be fair, these pictures of Juliana Park and Benjamin Lee aren’t from their wedding, but from their engagement photos. Even so, they are certainly geeky and definitely deserve a spot on this list. That’s because when the camera starts clicking, they are just an ordinary couple dressed up to take their engagement photos on a beautiful hillside. Midway through their picnic, however, a zombie stumbles by and sees the couple as an easy meal. Luckily, the engaged couple is able to work together to stop out the zombie menace. Now that’s the kind of teamwork that will keep a couple together forever.
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It takes a lot of time, dedication and money to put together a theme wedding, but anyone can take some goofy, geeky photos at their reception. Do any of you have a few nerdy wedding pics packed away in your photo albums?