The Late Movies: Awesome & Elaborate Marriage Proposals


About a week ago, a guy named Jamin proposed to his girlfriend Valerie at Downtown Disney with a Marvels Dance Company flash mob. The video, showing both the flash mob and Valerie's reactions, quickly shot around the Internet, racking up more than 610,000 views in just one week. After we watched the video, we started wondering what other elaborate ways guys have proposed to the ones they love. Here are some of the best.

Defeating Her Favorite President

As anyone who's ever been to a Nationals game knows, Teddy Roosevelt never wins the Presidents Race, a footrace between the four presidents whose faces grace Mt. Rushmore. Since people love to root for the underdog, Teddy quickly became a favorite of fans, including one Jennie Kushlis. Her boyfriend, Matt Hendrickson, staged an elaborate proposal at Nationals Park, which included a one-on-one footrace between Matt and Teddy.

With the Help of Dolphins

YouTube user djsirian proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years on their anniversary, July 4, 2006, with the help of some dolphins.

On a Tour of Street Art

Aaron Vanden collaborated with artists to create a secret street art tour of images symbolic to his relationship with girlfriend Tamara Altherr. When they reached the last piece, he proposed.

After Escaping from a Straitjacket

Jason Gardner, an "escape artist and intuitive," proposed to his girlfriend while hanging upside down after escaping from a straitjacket during a performance at Quincy Market in Boston.

With an Art Installation

In 2007, designer/photographer/teacher George Aye created an art gallery installation called "My Early Muir Owl" (an anagram of "Will You Marry Me?") for the sole purpose of proposing to his girlfriend Sara Cantor.

Recreating a Movie Scene

Cameron Fontana recreated the scene in 10 Things I Hate About You in which Heath Ledger's character sings from the bleachers to Julia Stiles' character. After planning for six months, Fontana serenaded his girlfriend, the dance coach at a high school, when she went onto the football field to sell Monster Energy drinks during halftime.

With a Musical Number

Following the bows for a production of The Fantasticks, one of the actors proposed to his actress girlfriend with a choreographed musical number involving the rest of the cast.

Through a Flash Mob

We'll end this post with the other elaborate dancing proposal that went viral this past week. Nam Tran enlisted the help of Flash Mob America to propose to his girlfriend Trang Vu where they first met, at their alma mater, UCLA. A highlight of the video: when Trang exclaims, "How'd you get my whole family here?" (Her family lives 300 miles from the school.)

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