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Photos of Rock Castle Taken by Jimmy Page

David K. Israel

Here's something interesting: Earlier this year, went live. That's right, it took until 2011 for, arguably, the most influential rock guitarist of all time to have his own Web site. Strange, right? Even stranger: While you might expect Led Zeppelin's guitarist's Web site to load with live, long-haired, rockin' photos of Page and his sunburst Les Paul or something, it actually loads up with a whole different kind of rock... Rock Castle. At least it did yesterday, the 4th of October when, on the same day back in 1970, Page visited Rock Castle in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire (that's West Wales) and took some stunning photographs. Also of interest, it's called Rock Castle after lordship Adam de Rupe (Rupe=rock). According to several sources, the castle was built in the 13th century as one of the outer defences of "Little England" or "Landsker."

Who knew that, in addition to be an extraordinary guitarist, songwriter, producer, film scorer and performer, Page could also take some wonderful photos. Click on through for more of them.