For a T-Shirt: The Weirdest Dissertation You Can Find (and Link To)

Jason English

I was working on a quiz called "Bizarre Dissertation Title or Something We Made Up?" Actually, the title—and trying to find something better than "Something We Made Up?"—is as far as I got. But this might be better as a contest.

Fire up your search engines and look for the most offbeat thesis topics you can find. We'll award the winners the t-shirt of their choosing, which you can wear or display in your trophy case. You can enter as many times as you want, just be sure you're including a link so we know it doesn't belong in the Something We Made Up category. Like "Kid Doctor Can't Buy Beer, Can Invent Social Media: Doogie Howser and the Birth of the Twitter."

And if you've written a dissertation and just want to brag about it, now's the time.

Update: Trish dominated this one. We're hiring her to write up an article on this topic. Stay tuned!