The Late Movies: The Sagan Series

Chris Higgins

Reid Gower has been assembling videos featuring Carl Sagan, primarily using Sagan's narration from Pale Blue Dot and assorted documentary footage. When I saw Gower's first video it wasn't part of a series -- but now he has made a bunch of them, and there's even a Facebook page for the series. While there are other Sagan tributes on YouTube (using similar source material), this is my favorite. Enjoy.

Part 1 - NASA: The Frontier Is Everywhere

"The open road still softly calls."

Part 2 - Life Looks for Life

"We fear the dark; the unknown troubles us."

Part 3 - A Reassuring Fable

"We seem compelled to project our own nature onto nature."

Part 4 - NASA Per Aspera Ad Astra ("Though Hardship to the Stars")

"It is beyond our powers to predict the future; catastrophic events have a way of sneaking up on us."

Part 5 - SETI: Decide to Listen

"Could the Milky Way be rippling with life and intelligence, worlds calling out to worlds, while we on Earth are alive at the critical moment when we first decide to listen?"

Part 6 - End of an Era: The Final Shuttle Launch

"Robots aside, we've backed off from the planets and the stars. I keep asking myself: is it a failure of nerve, or a sign of maturity?"

Part 7 - The Long Astronomical Perspective

"A planet, newly formed, placidly revolves around its star."

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