A Tree Grows in Los Angeles

David K. Israel

This is a double post, rolled into one. What I mean is, first I'm going to announce the winner of the Boss box contest and then I'm going to launch a new contest with another cool prize. Your Boss box winner doesn't win anything but bragging rights because check what he wrote in his random comment: "If I win I would let DJH have it to reward him for being a nice guy." Reason being? Well, DJH said he was a "nice guy" and wanted to prove that "nice guys never win anything." Guess what? Our random number generator picked the nice guy! Congrats DJH! We'll get in touch with you and send out the Boss box.

Now on to the new contest. After the jump you'll find two pictures of the eucalyptus tree in my backyard (referenced in yesterday's post). Leave a comment below and tell us how many days/months/years you think have passed between the two photos I took. In other words, how long did it take for the growth pictured. The story behind the tree is this: It grew too high and we had to cut it down, basically in half. A major pruning if ever there was one. But the tree was obviously very healthy and got back to growing within a couple months of the pruning.

The person who comes closest wins a brand new copy of Vice's Guide to Travel DVD OR a random book that we'll pick from our library of books people send us to review. Your choice. If two people have the same answer, the first to comment wins. Sound good? Click on to play.