7 Adorable Japanese Mascots

David K. Israel

Japanese Mascots exemplify the concept of kawaii, which means cute. Kawaii is very, very popular in Japan right now. Don't believe me? Take a look at the following 7 mascots:

1. Pipo-Kun

One of the most easy to spot mascots in Tokyo is Pipo-kun, the mascot of Tokyo Metropolitan Police. You can see posters or paintings with Pipo-kun displayed on walls, construction sites fences or shop windows.

2. & 3. Kiccoro and Morizo

Kiccoro and Morizo were the mascots of the 2005 World Expo in Aichi prefecture. Kiccoro the Forest Child is full of energy. Morizo is an easy-going and kind old man.

4. Furi-bi

Furu-bi is the mascot of the Japan pavilion at EXPO Zaragoza 2008. He is on the left of the picture above, alongside Kiccoro and Morizo from the Aichi 2005 EXPO.

5. Mascott for the 1,300th anniversary of Heijo-kyo

6. & 7. Sato-chan and Satoko-chan