Invitation to an Assassination

Colin Patrick

Even the most mundane moments in the life of an iconic figure can instantly become transformed into a timeless event, rife with symbolism and capable of sparking a historic ripple effect.

A leisurely trip to the theater, a slow drive in Dallas, stepping out onto a hotel balcony.

Designer Evan Stremke explores these moments in the lives of both the inspirational and infamous in Invitation to an Assassination, a graphical design series he describes this way:

"The series was born out of a love and admiration for former President John F. Kennedy, and the circumstances surrounding his assassination. No longer is his drive through Dealey Plaza seen simply as a political media stunt, but as conspiracy theories unfolded over the years, his subsequent death remains one of the most controversial events in world history."

Here are a few examples of the provocative posters in the collection: