Toby Ziegler Yelling at People

Erica Palan

Every now and again, you screw something up and deserve to get reamed out. No one does a more effective reaming than fictional White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler. Here, we've rounded up some of Toby's best rants. Watch it now and breathe a sigh of relief that no one yelled at you like this today. (Or save it for a day when you really require a stern talking to.)

"Have an idea."

Toby does not like ineffective advertising.

"They'll like us when we win."

Toby does not like being told to "be nice."

"That's crap."

Toby does not like when his friends get shot.

"I'm gonna own your ass."

Toby does not like when junior senators try to control the President.

"That's why the other guy wins."

Toby doesn't like inappropriate candidates.

"For 90 minutes that night, there was a coup d’état in this country."

Toby doesn't like when the President lies about his health.