John Hodgman: The Deranged Millionaire


I've been working my way through John Hodgman's final book of complete world knowledge, That Is All, for a few weeks now. It comes out November 1 (11/1/11), and I'll have a complete review then. But I'm here to tell you today: this is the best final book of complete world knowledge I've read all year. And I don't just say that because the previous two books of complete world knowledge were actually incomplete (and thus worthless without this final volume) -- I say it because That is All is the only book you will need in the coming year, because, as Hodgman explains, it is the only book that predicts with great specificity every event leading up to the end of the world (ahem, Ragnarök). Without giving it away, let's just say the end is coming really soon and there is no way to prevent it but Hodgman is trying to sell you his new book so you may be amused while the world ends. Plus, this book has jokes about penguins. Here's Hodgman's epic book trailer, featuring a theme song by They Might Be Giants:



John Hodgman

Can you guess who voiced the computer? I couldn't figure it out, until I checked out the "Credits" tab on Funny or Die. There's only one person listed as "Voice Actor," so I guess that must be him!

Tune in on 11/1/11 for complete information about That is All.