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The Late Movies: Halloween Pumpkins

Miss Cellania

All you're going to see on TV this weekend is horror films. As we set the mood for Halloween, you might want to take a break and see something more lighthearted, like these pumpkin videos.

Growing a Giant Pumpkin

With a surprise for the full-grown fruit.


A stop-motion pumpkin carves itself for Halloween!

The Manly Way to Carve

I find that a sawzall works just fine.

A More Manly Way to Carve

This guy uses a Glock.

Flamethrowing Jack-o-Lantern

Find out how to make one of your own at Instructables.

Punkin Chunkin

The world championship is coming up November 4-6th in Delaware.

Big Cat Rescue

Leftover pumpkins become cat toys for the big cats! Then, when they get a little worn and start to smell like food, they get eaten.

Rotting Jack-o-Lantern

It's a mess. But all good things must come to an end.

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