I'm at the Blog World New Media Expo in Los Angeles for the next few days, so I'll be bringing you the latest on all things bloggity and app-y. So far, my favorite new bright and shiny thing is this app called Viddy, which is like Instagram, but for video. You can shoot and upload HD 1080 video to your account and then share it wherever you'd like - Facebook, twitter, YouTube, text, email, tumblr, etc. The only hitch is that there's a limit to 15 seconds per clip. But if you can't say something clever or cute in 15 seconds, you have no business uploading an "insta-vid" anyway! Remember: the secret to good movies is always in what NOT to include. Short, concise, clear. Viddy includes some fun filters with soundtracks and will soon add an augmented reality element where you can star in your own movies with celebs like the Muppets. Check out these two examples below.