Alabama's Visitors' Locker Room Is Called The Fail Room

Jason English

I'm surprised nobody in our Birmingham office ever told me this story. Alabama's visitors locker room is named for James M. Fail (class of '49). The story was featured on SportsCenter this morning, as part of the build-up to tomorrow's big LSU-Alabama game.

From, December 2008: "This naming opportunity came at Mr. Fail's request," said Mal Moore, Director of Athletics. "Mr. Fail has been such a strong supporter of ours and had already made a significant gift to name our media suite in memory of his late father-in-law, former Birmingham Post-Herald sports editor Naylor Stone. But he had always been hesitant to use his unique name for a naming right until the right opportunity came along."

I'm sorry we missed this one in our round-up of 14 Quirky College Donations (and the Strings Attached).