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Win a $3,000 Living Social Escape!

David K. Israel

I'll lead with a caveat: you have to have an i-something to participate in this contest. I know, I know. Not cool. (Except for owners of iOS devices.) But the app you need to participate is only available on the iOS platform. Sorry!

With that out of the way, here's the deal: I've teamed up with Ford Motors again (remember when we gave away a car last year?) to produce a fun, simple ARG (augmented reality game) to help reveal their brand new Escape vehicle. Each day, you can unlock new challenges via the GoldRun app. Start by downloading the app on iTunes and select the Ford runs; complete each day's challenge to be eligible to win a $25 git card; the final challenge winner will receive a $3,000 Living Social Escape! Several of these challenges also include exclusive access to a video teaser of the new Ford Escape. Today's first Escape National Challenge is to take a photo of yourself with the Ford steering wheel (included in the application).

You can follow along via Ford's Facebook page here. Oh, and a shout out to Josh Halbur, who helped me create some of puzzles along the path!