Save the Date: 11.11.11


We've been planning something special for Friday, November 11. Because it's 11-11-11, we'll be running 24 '11 lists' eleven minutes after every hour starting at 12:11am (1:11am, 2:11am, 3:11am and so on). For flossers who've complained we don't post enough, this is for you. (For flossers who've complained we post too much already, I apologize in advance.)

Get excited.

Some Non-11 Lists to Tide You Over... 22 Fascinating and Bizarre College Classes Offered This Semester * Little-Known Second Verses of 10 Children's Songs * It's Complicated: 5 Puzzling International Borders * 10 Questions From the U.S. Naturalization Test * 16 Movie Sequels Nobody Has Ever Heard Of

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