The Writer Who Makes Knives

Chris Higgins

"I got an MFA in fiction writing. I had a really hard time selling the first manuscript that I wrote. When that sort of went sour, and I couldn't sell my book, I just kinda lost steam altogether. I had this period of fear that I was really going to lose writing. It was this thing that I really loved, and I was afraid that I was going to lose it forever. I decided to take a three-month hiatus from it, just stop altogether." So says Joel Bukiewicz, who then discovered that his creativity could be channeled into making physical objects, most notably knives. In this ten-minute documentary, Bukiewicz describes his work in knife-making, writing, and artistry in general -- why it's important to make things that are used, what it means to make something valuable, and what it means to make things by hand. It's moody, atmospheric, smart, and a little dark around the edges.

Warning: a few fleeting expletives starting around 3 minutes in, then popping up occasionally thereafter. I didn't find them remotely offensive (they're in Bukiewicz's interview, just part of how he talks), but your mileage may vary. Recommended for: writers, people who use knives, fans of documentaries, and anyone who has ever changed careers.

Bukiewicz sells knives at Cut Brooklyn.