The Late Movies: Happy Belated 65th Birthday, Sally Field!

Erica Palan

Over the weekend, beloved American actress Sally Field—known for her assorted roles on television and in the movies—turned 65. My favorite moment in Field's career came in 1984 when she won her second Oscar, this time for Places in the Heart. Her speech became one of the most memorable in Academy Award history when she excitedly said, "You like me! Right now, you like me!" in 1980. Here's a look back at Field's career.


Sally Field first became well-known for starring in the television version of the popular movie, Gidget. The series about the boy-crazy surfer girl lasted only one, 32-episode season.

The Flying Nun

Shortly after Gidget ended, Field took on her next role in this well-known, wacky series. Field also sang the show's theme song, "Who Needs Wings to Fly."

Norma Rae

In one of the most famous scenes in film history, Field played Norma Rae, a single mom who helps to unionize the factory where she works. The role won the actress her first Oscar.

Steel Magnolias

In this heart-wrenching-turned-funny scene, Field mourns the death of her daughter.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Though she plays the uptight mom in this film, Field adds to the comedy of this family favorite.


In an Emmy Award-winning performance, Field guest starred on ER as the bipolar mother of Maura Tierney's character Abby Lockhart.