Best Corporate Mascot Ever: Petey P Cup

Stacy Conradt

On his Facebook page, Petey P Cup ponders, “Do you ever ask yourself questions like: What if I'm the best mascot EVER?!?!?”

I think the answer is pretty obvious. Petey P Cup is exactly what you think he is - a large, Justin Timberlake-on-SNL-esque mascot extolling the virtues of, a non-profit in Minnesota. Like many great mascots, Petey has a sidekick. This one comes in the form of a giant syringe, appropriately named Pokey.

If you could use a pick-me-up today, I highly recommend scrolling through Petey’s Facebook wall. This is one cup of urine with a sense of humor - and his followers are right there with him. For example, when Health Partners’ hometown of Bloomington was seeing snow in the forecast in October, Petey posted, “They said snow (flurries) for today's forecast. Thanks a lot, Minnesota. (Should I sit out tonight and see if I freeze solid?)”

And he’s an optimist: “I just checked and I am way more than half full today. It's going to be a great day!”

Petey won an EFFIE Award in 2009, an honor that recognizes the most effective advertising in the U.S. Well-deserved, I’d say.