11 Awesome Things About the Holidays

Special Guest Star

Our friend Neil Pasricha has a new Awesome book coming out next week — The Book of (Holiday) Awesome! If you'd like to win a copy, tell us something (holiday) awesome in the comments — Neil will pick two winners at random next week.

by Neil Pasricha

1. Getting a Christmas card from someone you thought you lost touch with

2. Walking into a grocery store and seeing the first shipment of egg nog

3. Plugging in your Christmas lights from last year and having them all work

4. When that kid crying in the mall isn't your kid

5. When the neighbor shovels your little patch of the sidewalk for you

6. Eating all the chocolates in the advent calendar all at once

7. Flipping channels and stumbling on that one Christmas special you loved as a kid

8. Just barely wrapping a gift with that tiny scrap of leftover paper

9. When the Christmas tree gives the only light in the room

10. When the gift receipt is already in the box

11. When the inlaws leave

(Your turn!)

For 11-11-11, we'll be posting twenty-four '11 lists' throughout the day. Check back 11 minutes after every hour for the latest installment, or see them all here.

Update: Jessica and GrandmaBuddz have been declared the winners! Thanks for playing everyone!