11 Great Gift Ideas From the mental_floss Store (and They're All 20% Off This Weekend!)

Jason English

There's a sale going on in the Home & Office aisle of the mental_floss store this weekend. Here are some of the great gift ideas that are 20% off — just use the coupon code HOMESALE.

(No, this does not count as one of the 24 '11 lists' you were promised. Now do some browsing! Click on any item for all the details.)

1. Salt and Pepper Bots

2. Pop Quiz Clock

3. Chemistry Cocktail Set

4. Freudian Slippers

5. Strain: The Bioengineering Game

6. Don't Break the Bottle Wine Puzzle

7. The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You

8. Salvadore Dali Watch

9. Periodic Table Shower Curtain

10. XYZ Blocks

11. Instant IQ Test Kit