The Late Movies: Newsies

Andréa Fernandes

Disney's 1992 box office dud, Newsies, has gained quite a cult following in the ensuing years. Fans particularly enjoy the musical numbers and have discovered that the newsies' dances work with, well, almost any song. Here's a sampling of our favorite Newsies / pop song mash-ups.

"Dynamite" by Taio Cruz

There are at least two mash-ups featuring Taio Cruz's hit "Dynamite." The first is a more story-based mash-up; the second pairs the song with the movie's "Seize the Day" dance number.

"The Good Life" by OneRepublic

The newsies' lives weren't quite so good, but the song pairs well with scenes from the movie.

"Bad Romance" by Lady GaGa

The most popular of the Newsies mash-ups, this video has been watched more than 540,000 times and has inspired a slew of other mash-ups featuring the newsies' "Seize the Day" dance.

"We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister

Probably the most appropriate song (of the ones on this list) for the movie's topic.

"Just Dance" by Lady GaGa

The beats of Lady GaGa's songs seem to pair particularly well with the newsies' dance routines; she's definitely the most popular artist for Newsies mash-ups.

"Paparazzi" by Lady GaGa

Another Lady GaGa song, this time accompanying the Christian Bale's "Santa Fe" dance sequence.

"I Like to Dance" by Hot Chelle Rae

I think the newsies would agree with this title statement.

"Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO

This video makes clever use of the "every day I'm shufflin'" portion of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem."

"Where the White Boys Dance" by The Killers

What better way to sum up this post and the Newsies movie?