Beautiful Slow-Motion Footage from Apollo 13 Launch


If you enjoyed yesterday's video of the Earth taken from the ISS, you might enjoy this slow-motion video of a Saturn V rocket blasting off to take Apollo 13 to the moon in 1970 (spoiler alert: they didn't quite make it).

What makes this video special is that it's extremely colorful -- starting with deep blues, the roil of orange-and-black fire from the rocket leads to a symphony of saturated colors, culminating in some of the richest purple-and-salmon you're likely to see all day (unless you're Prince). The best part? No annoying music. At one two and a half minutes, this is worth a watch. Keep an eye out for the wayward bird at the beginning.

You can also watch it in HD at Vimeo.

See also: Apollo 11 Launch in Slow Motion (500fps), with commentary by Mark Gray (the same guy who uploaded this video).

(Via Blake Helms.)