The Late Movies: Nintendo Preview Music Jam

Chris Higgins

Tonight on The Late Movies, an important historical document of the early 1990s: Nintendo Preview Music Jam. Although there are only three volumes online, they give us three hours of video game AND hip hop nostalgia, rolled into a nice package. What's going on here? Basically, it's somebody playing Nintendo games while a professionally mixed hip hop soundtrack grooves on in the background. These videos were available on VHS in 1991, and I distinctly remember seeing one of them in middle school.

There's something very weird about watching video of somebody else playing Nintendo games...while listening to a fairly rad DJ mix of hip hop...from twenty years ago. Um. Enjoy, my fellow nerds!

Volume 1

This starts a bit slowly -- jump to 8:20 if you want to hear the mix deftly cruise into "Nasty Boys" as we watch someone play Street Fighter 2010. The unlikeliest highlight is "The Humpty Dance" backing up Wizardry (around 49 minutes in).

Volume 2

"It is the nineties and and there is time for... KLAX." ?!

Volume 3

This one starts with "The Humpty Dance" and Mega Man II. I think they were running out of ideas.


If you like these, you might enjoy the Game Player's Gametape series -- corny instructional videos showing how to get through NES games. Heck, I'll embed one here:

(Via GameSetWatch.)