The Top 5 mental_floss Quizzes of 2011

Jason English

This weekend, we've been counting down the year's top quizzes (see #6-#10 and #11-#15). Pay attention to what's been working, because tomorrow we'll start accepting suggestions for another installment of Reader-Submitted Quiz Week. What resume wouldn't look better with "I wrote a quiz for mental_floss" down in the MISCELLANEOUS section? (Plus you can win a t-shirt, which is just super.) Start your brainstorming and Andréa Fernandes will put out the call-for-submissions in a few days.

5. Who Said It: Dr. Phil or Dr. Fünke?
by Lauren Harrell

4. Big Cities, Little Names: A Census Quiz
by Jason English

3. Guess the Rating: PG or X?
by Jason Plautz

2. C is for City
by Sandy Wood and Kara Kovalchik

1. Glenn Beck vs. Jon Stewart: The FCC Complaint Quiz
by Anna Merlan

See Also: #6-#10 and #11-#15

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