The Late Movies: Math, Music, Video


Russian artist Tatiana Plakhova makes music portraits -- detailed illustrations based on the mathematical structure of music. Her most interesting visualizations are based on the work of Philip Glass. (If you're not familiar with Glass, his music tends to have repeated musical phrases, and he does a lot of movie scores. It's rather mathy minimalist music.) In the videos below, Plakhova sets some of her illustrations to the music they're based on -- creating a distinctly trippy feel. Interested in music, math, music/math-related art, or pretty pictures set to ambient music? You'll want to check these out. And you'll definitely want to hit the fullscreen button.

Philip Glass: "Company I"

Philip Glass: "Uakti :: Amazon River"

Stars of the Lid: "FAC 21"

Erik Wøllo: "There Will Be Snow"

Cleveland Wehle: "Desert Fathers"

This one is "based on natural structures of hexagonal cells and snowflakes," and uses animation, not just pan-and-scan.


Check out Plakhova's Vimeo channel or her website, Complexity Graphics (you can order prints from the latter).

(Via Brain Pickings.)