Larry David: Middle East Peacemaker?

Colin Patrick

While laughter does tend to bring people together, many people would think it certainly has its limits. Harvard Law professor – and O.J. Simpson defense attorney – Alan Dershowitz, however, wants to see just how far a few chuckles can lead people down the road to unity.

In an effort to help usher in an era of Israeli-Palestinian peace, Dershowitz decided to send Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm – which features star Larry David facing the dilemma of choosing between his Jewish religion and the chicken served at a Palestinian-run eatery.

Dershowitz explains to The Hollywood Reporter:

"I recently sent a copy of 'Palestinian Chicken,' that Larry David gave me, to Prime Minister Netanyahu—with the suggestion that he invite (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas over to watch it together. And maybe if they both get a good laugh, they can begin a negotiating process."