A Classic Tale of Pre-Teen Embarrassment and Geography

Colin Patrick

The pre-teen years are typically pretty awkward. Luckily, most of us enjoyed the benefit of not having those moments broadcast to the TV masses.

Gregg Gethard wasn’t quite so fortunate. The Philadelphia comedian recently shared with Comic vs. Audience the hilarious tale of his appearance on early 90s game show Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?. The story contains a lot of hilarious, cringe-inducing moments as Gethard recounts his showdown with a hated fellow contestant, his thinly veiled attempts to cheat his way to victory, and his inability to properly use a microphone. But it's ultimately a tale of true redemption.

Check out the entire (Slightly NSFW) yarn here and then enjoy these videos of the episode in question:

What experience from your adolescence are you most thankful occurred far from the gaze of TV cameras?

(Via Waxy)