The Time Chris Farley Visited Congress as Newt Gingrich

Colin Patrick

The way the GOP nomination process has gone, it seems every candidate eventually gets a turn to put on the frontrunner hat. The current wearer is Newt Gingrich – the one-time Speaker of the House who has been out of office and largely out of the spotlight since 1999.

This past weekend, The Chris Matthews Show revisited a funny moment from Gingrich’s time in office. On April 4, 1995, four days after Tommy Boy premiered, Chris Farley crashed a meeting of the House Republican Conference. The SNL star stormed into the meeting in full Gingrich get-up to address the crowd.

Among the highlights, the faux Newt:

Reveals the Danielle Steele novel he was currently reading * Leads a rapid-fire bill passing session that includes an attempt to move the nation’s capital to Atlanta * Proposes to retroactively change the results of the 1988 Presidential election to take away the 10 states won by Michael Dukakis

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