The way the GOP nomination process has gone, it seems every candidate eventually gets a turn to put on the frontrunner hat. The current wearer is Newt Gingrich – the one-time Speaker of the House who has been out of office and largely out of the spotlight since 1999.

This past weekend, The Chris Matthews Show revisited a funny moment from Gingrich’s time in office. On April 4, 1995, four days after Tommy Boy premiered, Chris Farley crashed a meeting of the House Republican Conference. The SNL star stormed into the meeting in full Gingrich get-up to address the crowd.

Among the highlights, the faux Newt:

Reveals the Danielle Steele novel he was currently reading
Leads a rapid-fire bill passing session that includes an attempt to move the nation’s capital to Atlanta
Proposes to retroactively change the results of the 1988 Presidential election to take away the 10 states won by Michael Dukakis

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