The Late Movies: Saved by the Bell's Musical Numbers

Erica Palan

I love Saved by the Bell more than is probably reasonable for a grown woman. (Need evidence? Click here and here.) One of my favorite things about the show was always its impromptu and unexplained musical numbers. Here are six moments when the gang from Bayside song burst into song.

Hot Fudge Sundaes

In perhaps the most memorable (and mocked) episode of SBTB, Jessie, Kelly and Lisa form an all-girl group called Hot Sundaes. Then Jessie gets hooked on caffeine pills to balance her busy schedule and, well, you know the rest ...

The Five Aces

The gang performs at a '50s-themed dance. Here they are practicing. To see the actual performance, click here. (Totally worth it.)

The School Song

After the student body turns on Zack for rigging the contest to write a new school song, Screech's terrible entry wins. Fortunately, his pals help out with some revisions.

The Glee Club

In this episode the gang backs Screech's gal pal Violet Bickerstaff (played by Tori Spelling) as she solos in the choir. Also in this episode: a very young, pre-Party of Five Scott Wolf.

Friends Forever

In a totally over-the-top dream sequence episode, Zack envisions his friends as a successful band, Zack Attack. Their hit song "Friends Forever" makes them famous. Their rock star status tears them apart.

Saved By The Bell Rockumentary Zack Attack

Zack and Kelly's Break Up Song

While the show's quintessential couple is ending their relationship, their friends are singing "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?"

While in costume.

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