While no one is really sure how many ads a person sees each day, our landscape and media are becoming ever more cluttered with advertisements, from product placement in television shows to traditional billboards. Brands have been forced to become more creative (or intrusive) than ever in an attempt to draw consumers' attention. As a result, interactive ads are increasingly popular. We've rounded up 11 of our favorites.

1. Sign Swing

Cramer-Krasselt for COA Youth & Family Centers, via Ads of the World

2. Bring the Billboard to Life

lg2 for Agence de Santé de Quebec (ASSS), via Ads of the World

3. Magazine Cleavage

via adverbox

4. Meat-Scented Purina Posters

Ogilvy for Purina Bark in the Park, via Ads of the World

5. "Slower is Better" Radar Signs

Cramer-Krasselt for Elm Grove Police Department, via The Inspiration Room

6. Plug 'n' Play Posters

JWT for 91ROCK FM, via TheErhanturan

7. Forced Warm-Ups

Ogilvy for Leif Wellness Club, via Ads of the World

8. Rewards in the Stars

BBDO for Starbucks, via The Media Merchants

9. Run for UNICEF

BBDO for Nike and UNICEF, via I'm With The Brand

10. Dollar Drinks Ice Sculpture

Cossette for McDonald's, via Ads of the World

11. Bus Stop Mini Ramp

Saatchi & Saatchi for Quiksilver, via fubiz