11 Examples of 'Perfect Strangers' Fan Art

Hillary Buckholtz

For the uninitiated, Perfect Strangers is an ABC sitcom that ran from 1986 to 1993 about the unlikely cohabitation of two distant cousins. Almost two decades since its cancellation, fans of the show are using the web to showcase loving and meticulous sculptures, paintings, and drawings in the likeness of the show's kooky protagonists, Larry and Balki.

Some of these creations will make you so happy you will want to do the Dance of Joy!

1. Perfect Strangers Star Trek

by harmlessfangirl at deviantART

2. Balki & Larry Dolls

3. Perfect Strangers: Hug

4. Precious Strangers

5. Paper Larry

6. Perfectly Futuristic Strangers

7. Perfect Strangers Cartoon

8. Perfect Strangers Doodle

9. Perfect Strangers Vector Art

10. Larry

11. Jennifer

Bonus: Perfect Strangers, Seattle

Just for kicks, here's the show's opening credits sequence, recreated in Seattle. Compare this with the original in this side-by-side version.

Hillary Buckholtz is a publicist, blogger, and comedian based in Washington, D.C. She runs the popular ’80s and early ’90s nostalgia blog “I’m Remembering!”