The Late Movies: George Takei!

Mark Arminio

George Takei, best known as Sulu on Star Trek, is an incredibly versatile actor who has won several awards throughout a career spanning six decades. Tonight for The Late Movies, we take a look at some fantastic clips from Mr. Takei.

Leading us off, George Takei mediates a fight between William Shatner and Carrie Fisher about which franchise is better: Star Wars or Star Trek. Fun fact: George Takei has been a part of both franchises...he voiced Lok Durd in the animated Clone Wars series.

Here's George Takei attempting to secure a role in the Sister Act musical.

Here's Mr. Takei appearing on the short-lived (but incredibly brilliant) show Party Down, which at one point featured both Adam Scott and Jane Lynch. Here is one of the characters, Roman, talking to Sulu about the infamous Mind Meld (despite the fact that Spock is no where to be found).

Here's a clip of Takei from The Muppets Tonight. And he was so close to being captain!

Finally, here's a brief bonus for the Kevins of the world. Takei did a voiceover for a Halloween episode of is a recording that anyone named Kevin can put to good use.