Watch 'A Muppet Family Christmas' in its Entirety!


I have been mental_flossing since 2008 and I can tell you with full-blown geekitude that this is the most excited I have ever been to post. Consider this my holiday gift to you, readers.

Below, you will find A Muppet Family Christmas in its entirety. This film, which features the Muppets, the Sesame Street gang and the Fraggles, is my favorite holiday movie in the whole entire world. The one-hour TV special originally ran on ABC in 1987 and for years, I would drag out my taped-from-TV VHS tape and watch the show (complete with old-school commercials) until I literally wore a hole in the tape. In the movie, the whole gang surprises Fozzie Bear's mother at her home in the country. Doc and his dog Sprocket—from Fraggle Rock—end up joining the Muppets in their holiday activities. It's awesome. Trust me.

Something almost as fun — the commercials!

13 Nostalgia-Heavy Commercials To Make You Pine For 1987—including Croonchy Stars, The Halls of Medicine, The Lego Maniac, Mr. Belvedere promos, a toned-down Dick Vitale, and Definitely Dinosaurs ("Scared ya, didn't I!").

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