Secret Santa: Stranger Covers Christmas Layaways

Jill Harness

We always hear about the nightmares of Black Friday, but people rarely talk about the kindness of strangers during the holiday season. When one secret Santa decided to cover three strangers' layaway receipts at a K-Mart in Michigan, however, news outlets began to take notice.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked the worker at the layaway counter to pick out three tabs out of the store's 800 so she could pay them off. Her only requirement was that the tabs contain at least some children's toys. In the end, the woman ended up paying over $500, leaving only $10 on each tab so the guests could still pay to pick up their items.

One woman who had her items paid for said that the stranger not only helped her out with Christmas, but also restored her faith in humanity. It just goes to show how far a little kindness and generosity can go.