11 Children's Drawings Re-imagined

David K. Israel

Dave Devries needs to be inducted into the _floss Hall of Fame, like, now! Well, after we create the _floss Hall of Fame. Then he does. Why? Well, take a look at his amazing artwork below based on children's drawings. Such a smart idea, we wish we had thought of it! Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

The Monster Engine was a project that started in the late 1990s:

"It began at the Jersey Shore in 1998, where my niece Jessica often filled my sketchbook with doodles. While I stared at them, I wondered if color, texture and shading could be applied for a 3D effect. As a painter, I made cartoons look three-dimensional every day for the likes of Marvel and DC comics, so why couldn't I apply those same techniques to a kid's drawing? That was it... no research, no years of toil, just the curiosity of seeing Jessica's drawings come to life."

There's a 48-page collection of drawings, paintings, photos and interviews with the kids. Click here to check out more drawings, and click here to read more about Devries' book.