Help a Local Business by Organizing a Cash Mob


We've all heard of flash mobs, but what on earth is a cash mob? As it turns out, it's like a flash mob, only it involves a shopping spree designed to help boost a local business.

Just like Fight Club, there are some rules about organizing a cash mob, although the Cash Mobs website insists that these are completely optional and can be tweaked. A few notable rules:

• The mob date must be announced at least a week in advance via Twitter.• The location at which to meet will be announced, but not the specific business to support.• The business must have products for both men and women.• The business must be within one block of a locally owned watering hole.

Sounds like a great way to support businesses that support the local community and to meet new people. On the downside, it does seem a little easy for businesses to manipulate the idea for their own gains.

Anyone ever been part of a cash mob?

[Image courtesy of Flickr user]