10 Strange and Wonderful 2012 Calendars


If you're going to look at the same thing every day for an entire year, you should make it something attractive, meaningful, or worth a laugh. This applies to roommates, significant others, or calendars. Last year's roundup of calendars was so popular, we ended up with a second edition compiled from your suggestions. There are at least as many fascinating calendars offered this year. Here are a few strange and interesting calendars for 2012.

1. The Mutter Museum Calendar

The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia is famous for its strange medical collection, which includes bones, anatomical specimens, plaster casts, things preserved in jars, and a huge collection of items that were swallowed or inhaled. They even have Einstein's brain! You can have your own museum tour with their 2012 calendar featuring pictures of the Mutter Museum's most popular and interesting exhibits.

2. Extraordinary Chickens

The 2012 Extraordinary Chicken Calendar features 25 pictures of exotic chicken breeds by photographer Stephen Green-Armytage for those who really love chickens. This is the ninth year this calendar has been offered, with different breeds included every year.

3. The Naked Archaeologist Calendar

For the fourth year now, various archaeologists from "RUINED" (Reading University Archaeology Society) bared themselves to raise funds for the Silchester Excavation Project. The photos are set in excavation sites all over the world. You can order yours for £8.00 through eBay.

4. Heather’s L’il 2012 Country Calendar

Heather McAdams drew not only the monthly pictures but also the calendars themselves for her L’il 2012 Country Calendar. The art focuses on, but is not limited to, country music. The calendar is packed with trivia and birthdays for each day, and more drawings as well.

5. Passive-Aggresive Notes Calendar

The website Passive-Aggresive Notes posts just that every day. Some of the best, well, 366 of them (2012 is leap year) are in the 2012 Passive-Aggresive Notes Calendar, which is a page-a-day calendar available online and in a bookstore near you.

6. Hot Guys and Baby Animals

The folks at Hot Guys and Baby Animals had great luck with their 2011 calendar (which we featured last year), so they've got a new one for 2012. You can watch how they got the shots in a series of behind-the-scenes videos. I can't decide which is cuter, but both the guys and the animals are easy on the eyes.

7. Roman Priest Calendar

The Calendario Romano 2012 is advertised as a souvenir of Rome with information about the Vatican for those who aren't in the know. But from what I see, only very attractive young priests get their photo in this calendar. In other words, they're hot. They are already looking for priests to star in the 2013 version.

8. The Girls of Ryan Air Cabin Crew Charity Calendar

Ryan Air, the airline famous for no-frills flights (now considering removing toilets from planes to add more seats), is selling a calendar featuring scantily-clad flight attendants and other employees. The proceeds go to benefit DebRA, an organization that helps families of children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa.

9. Chemists and Scientist's Calendar 2012

Artist Aurora Cacciapuoti designed this one-page poster calendar for 2012 featuring a scientist with a beaker for every month. Get yours through her Etsy shop Nekocherry. Two sizes are available.

10. 6 Packs 9 Lives Calendar

What do you want to look at all year long, adorable kittens or hunky men? You don't have to choose with with 6 Packs 9 Lives Calendar, which combines both in each picture. Proceeds go to help animal shelters and promote cat adoption. Shown here is Dave and his cat Ginger, who grace the October page.

In addition, you might be able to find 2012 editions of the calendars featured in our previous lists, Ten Odd and Awesome 2011 Calendars and Ten More Odd 2011 Calendars.