If you look closely into the Interwebz, with a microscope, you'll find tiny villages of quirky sites run by even quirkier people who are passionate about the darndest things and have loads of free time on their hands. Here's a short roundup of some of the more interesting ones I've found lately.

1. Better View Desired

A blogger over at betterviewdesired.com reviews nothing but birding binoculars. He tests them all in the field, over time, and measures each against his a standard pair he always uses.

2. One Bag

OneBag.com is not a blog, but instead a sort of travel gear reference guide that is forever being revised - since 1996!

3. Coffee Geek

At coffeegeek.com, bloggers rate coffee grinders, steamers, drippers, holders and beans, both the commercial types as well as those you'd buy for your home.

4. Everything USB

There are no formal reviews here, but busy user forums dispense chat on USB products and USB tutorials, and there is a very handy comparative shopping matrix, which offers some relief in deciding which model of a USB device is best.

5. Find A Scope

Ripped right from findascope.com's site: "There are a lot of people who are anxious to own a telescope to view the heavens above, but who need direction as to what scope to buy. This is my FAQ, and while I try to be objective, it does reflect my viewing biases."

6. Bent Rider Online

Bentrideronline.com is a review site for recumbent bicycles. The reviewers on this site attempt to make a judgement about the value of the bike in context of other bikes they have known.

7. Flashlight Reviews

The reviews on flashlightreviews.com are rigorous technically, pretty consistent, very thorough and quantifiable. Lots of close-up photos. They rate the lights in an easy to compare chart, which you can sort by rating, and they thankfully indicate "top picks" with a easy to spot thumbs up