The Late Movies: Star Trek Sound Effects

Chris Higgins

I love me some Star Trek -- and I'm a TNG man through and through. So when I came across a 24-hour loop of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D engine noise (that's the TNG ship to you non-superfans), I was in geeky heaven. It's wonderfully soothing -- I'd love to have this sound playing at my doctor's office. Below, I've rounded up some Trek sound effects for your holiday enjoyment.

Star Trek: TNG Ship Noise

A 24-hour loop.

Star Trek: TOS Ship Noise

A mere 2-hour loop. Something went terribly wrong with the video (it's all green), but who cares about the video anyway?

Star Trek Sound Effects - Enterprise Bridge Sequence

A medley of effects from around the ship (TOS).

Star Trek Sound Effects - Enterprise Bridge Sequence #2

Another medley of similar effects (TOS).

Star Trek Sound Effects - Photon Torpedo (3 Blasts)

Three photon torpedos (TOS).

Star Trek Sound Effects - Warp Drive Acceleration & Deceleration

She canna' take much more of this, captain! (TOS, of course.)

Star Trek Sound Effects - Many Tribbles

TOS, naturally.

TNG Red Alert

Ah, the good old Red Alert! Usually followed by: "All hands to battle stations!"

More Sound Effects

Check out this YouTube playlist (user OriginalRooster, playlist "Star Trek Sound Effects") for a bunch more.