Crasher Rule #18: Always Study Your App

Colin Patrick

Considering the film Wedding Crashers came out way back in 2005 it is somewhat shocking that the world’s first wedding crashing app is only now about to hit the market.

If Crash Corsage is successful, wedding ticket takers might become the next big nuptial trend. The app – which is apparently (but not 100% confirmed to be) real is designed to scour things like wedding websites to gather information on the time and place of weddings taking place in your area – but takes it even further by supplying bride and groom bios, background on their relationship, who is in the wedding party, etc.

Crash Corsage from EricSchlakmanDotCom on Vimeo.

What does everyone think? If this app is indeed real and offers reliable information, is this creepy or all in good fun?

(Via Buzzfeed)