Everything you need to know about Facebook's IPO

David K. Israel

There's a lot of rat-a-tat out there saying that Facebook will go public some time between April and June this year, though FB isn't talking. Check out the cool infographic after the jump that shows how the company’s projected valuation of $100 billion will break down. According to Accounting Degree Online, who made the graphic, the IPO will be six times that of Google’s, pushing the company’s public value to $100 billion. By comparison, that's more than Disney (valued at $61 billion), Amazon (valued at $88.3 billion) and McDonald’s (valued at $95.6 billion).

What's your take on a FB IPO? Will you buy stock? Do you expect to see more ads on the social network to help them turn a profit and keep their investors happy? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Oh, and don't forget to tell us which of the 13 types of "Friends" you are on Facebook ...

source: http://www.accountingdegreeonline.net/facebook-ipo/