These Jell-O Salad Ads Are Amazing


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I've been talking up celery flavored Jell-O for years. To be clear: I've never actually tried it; I just like the fact that it once existed. But this collection of ads from The Society Pages -- one of my favorite blogs -- shows just how versatile the jiggly food can be.

According to the photos, Jell-O once came in Seasoned Tomato and also Mixed Vegetable flavors, which could be used as a base for all sorts of wobbly salads. Simply throw some tuna, hard-boiled eggs, tomato, olives, onions, green peppers and Italian dressing into the Jell-O of your choice, and you could seriously confuse your kids. And their digestive tracts.

I'm curious why Jell-O tried to dominate every block of the food pyramid. I'm also curious how well the recipes were received at the time. Of course, salads are only the second weirdest thing you can do with Jell-O. The first is probably Jell-O taxidermy:

See more great Jell-O ads at The Society Pages.

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