The Late Movies: Apple's Commercials

Erica Palan

Twenty-eight years ago, the recently departed Steve Jobs unveiled the first Macintosh computer. It was the first personal computer to utilize a mouse and a graphical user interface rather than a command-line interface, making it accessible to the masses. It was the most successful personal computer in history and, as we all know, Apple became a technological super-power. Today, we take a look back at some of Apple's unique and notable commercials.


This is the very first Apple commercial. Is it just me or is this a little unsettling?

Think different.

Perhaps the most famous of all Apple's advertisements, this promotion took on a deeper meaning after the death of Steve Jobs.


Here's a collection of almost all of Apple's commercials over the last decade or so. (Totally worth 10 minutes of viewing!)

Mac vs. PC

"Are you a Mac or a PC?" became a common questions in households all over America.


These icon commercials became synonymous with the Apple brand and were often spoofed in popular culture.


This ad originally aired during the


2010 Oscars.