10 Twitter Handles That Were Hard to Score

David K. Israel

I was doing some research recently on popular first names, which got me thinking: Who scored the most common first names as Twitter handles? They must be people who were early adopters back in 2006 when Twitter first launched because you can imagine how often someone named Bob tried to check if @Bob was available since. Right? So here are 5 popular male and female names and the real people behind them on Twitter. Some are interesting, some aren't. None has the number of followers you might imagine they would and at least one of them is just plain squatting, which is both lame and against Twitter's TOS. Click the orange title to be taken to their Twitter pages.

1. @james

2. @mary

3. @David

4. @brittany

5. @john

6. @Linda

7. @michael

8. @Maria

9. @robert

10. @elizabeth