The Late Movies: Classic Super Bowl Commercials


If you, like me, learned everything you know about football from Friday Night Lights (the TV series, not the movie. Duh.), you probably watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Whether it was famous frogs, talking babies, thirsty supermodels or something a little more outrageous, advertising during the big game has become almost as relevant as the football. Here's six of our favorite classic Super Bowl ads. Did we forget yours? Tell us in the comments.


In 1973, Master Lock ran a famous ad where one of their locks survived being shot by a sharpshooter. For years, the company continued the tradition and ran a similar ad, spending almost the entire annual marketing budget on the single commercial.


Remember this iconic Pepsi commercial starring supermodel Cindy Crawford?


Michael Jordan plays horse with Larry Bird for a Big Mac.


The Budweiser frogs—named "Bud," "Weis" and "Er"—appeared in one of the most famous advertising campaigns in the history of the alcohol industry. This commercial was directed by Gore Verbinski, who also directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films.


Voiced by comedian Pete Holmes, the E-Trade Baby has become so popular that Lindsay Lohan sued the company for supposedly naming a character after her.


Already a hit, Matthew Broderick spoofs Ferris Bueller's Day Off in this Honda commercial, which will debut on Sunday.

And if you missed it yesterday, Chris Higgins dissected one of the most famous ads of all time — Apple's "1984."