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The Roof is Leaking... in a good way

David K. Israel

In most hotels around the world, if water is pouring down from your bathroom ceiling, and you film it and post it on YouTube, you might get a a personal meeting with the GM, a big-time apology, and your mini-bar usage comped. Heck, he might even knock a sizable portion off your bill for all your trouble, with the hope you'd pull that video down off YouTube to save them further embarrassment of the viral kind. But not at Hotel 1000 in Seattle. (Which, by the way, has the most comfortable beds of any hotel I've ever stayed at in my entire life... the kind of bed that makes it hard to get up in the morning and shoot a video for a blog post here... ugh. But here I go...). No, here, one fills the bathtub in a most unusual way. Check out the vid I shot below.

It's nice to know that at my age, when I think I've seen it all, there's still a few surprises out there to trip over. Anyone else ever see such streaming coolness? And I'm not referring to the streaming video, rather what streams in the content.