The Late Movies: Jonathan Coulton's "Artificial Heart"

Chris Higgins

Jonathan Coulton is an internet treasure: he makes heartfelt, fun, and often funny music -- most of which is available in some legitimately free form online. And he's a geek like us (he worked in technology for years before quitting to pursue his Modest Rockstar dreams). His latest is Artificial Heart (also available direct from Joco in MP3 format), an album produced by John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants. He released official videos for many of the songs on the record; I present them in order of awesomeness below.

Still Alive

With Sara Quin (lead vocals) and Dorit Chrysler (theremin). If you've played Portal, you might recognize this one.

Today with Your Wife (live)

With harpist Park Stickney, live in studio. Beautifully ambiguous.


With John Roderick (of The Long Winters) performing via iPhone. Dueling beards, y'all.

Sticking it To Myself

With Phil Hernandez, rocking out.

Je Suis Rick Springfield


Good Morning Tucson

Coulton's home video footage (not shot in Tucson).

Down Today

A master of the uke leans against a sunny wall.

Nobody Loves You Like Me

"I'm all alone, but I'm drinking for two."