Raiding the Lost Ark: New Commentary on a Classic Film


In this "filmumentary," Jamie Benning combines the entire film Raiders of the Lost Ark, behind-the-scenes footage, a transcript of an early story conference, and a series of interviews related to the movie from all the principals. What you get is a feature-length (over two hours) documentary on the film, full of fun facts (popup video style) and insights on Raiders. It's like the best DVD extra you've ever seen -- and it's free! Set aside a few hours for this gem; you'll enjoy hearing how all the pieces fit together (including the student whose eyelids say "LOVE YOU" -- you'll be surprised whose idea that was). Also, did you know Porkins (from Star Wars) makes an appearance in Raiders? Yep. Lots and lots of Star Wars crossover stuff in this one I had no idea about.

Enjoy it here, or check it out on Vimeo. Stick around at least until 16:18 when you see Tom Selleck and Sean Young in a screen test as the leads.

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