The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Man Suffers Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is a themed restaurant that serves large-serving high-calorie cuisine. It even offers free food for those who weigh over 350 pounds. The staff dress up as nurses and emergency workers, but they had to call the real paramedics last Saturday night. A customer was eating a "Triple Bypass Burger" when he suffered an apparent heart attack. The unnamed man was taken to a hospital, and was later heard to be alive and recuperating.

Calcutta is Going Blue

Calcutta, India, will join the list of cities that are painted predominantly blue. The rulers of the city government have adopted the motto "the sky is the limit," and want buildings to match. Any government buildings, flyovers, roadside railings, and taxis to be repainted will be given a new sky blue color. Ministers are also asking private property owners to go along with the scheme and paint their buildings blue, but will not provide funds for the paint. Calcutta is home to 14 million people.

Fugitive Calls Cops for Assistance

Richard Vincent of Prineville, Oregon was wanted in Georgia for parole violation. The 59-year-old fugitive was driving through Wyoming when his car ran out of gas. He called the Uinta County Sheriff's Office to request assistance. Officers responded, all right, and took Vincent into custody. He is being held in Wyoming awaiting extradition to Georgia.

Cashing a $100 Check Leads to $3.3 Million in Damages

Rodolfo Valladares went into a Florida Bank of America branch in 2008 to cash a $100 check. Instead, he was arrested for bank robbery. The teller thought Valladares was a bank robber that they were told to look out for because he was wearing a Miami Heat hat. However, that was the only way Valladares resembled the robber, who was described as much older and skinnier. Valladares did not act suspiciously and did not have a weapon. The police handcuffed and kicked him in the head before bank employees told the officers it was a false alarm. Valladares sued, and was recently awarded $3.3 million after a jury found the bank negligent.

The Most Famous Sack Lunch of the Week

A preschooler in Raeford, North Carolina, was given a school cafeteria lunch when her sack lunch was deemed inadequate by school nutritional standards. The 4-year-old girl ate three chicken nuggets from the cafeteria meal. Her mother, who had packed a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice, received a note about the incident which implied she may be charged for the school lunch. She then complained to a state legislator and a local TV station. The story was picked up nationally, leading to condemnation of overly-intrusive government regulations. Jani Kozlowski of the state's Division of Child Development said there was nothing wrong with the bagged lunch, and the parent should not have been charged for the cafeteria meal. She hinted that the school may need more "technical assistance," meaning training in the regulations. The school later explained that the incident was a mistake by a teacher, and that the child should have just been given a carton of milk instead of being sent through the cafeteria line.

Woman Sues for All Titanic Profits

Princess Samantha Kennedy of Imperial Beach, California, has filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures, claiming the script for the movie Titanic was lifted from her writing. She is demanding that all copies of the film be destroyed, and all profits from the movie be awarded to her. That would run to billions of dollars! Kennedy says the story came from her unpublished autobiography and family history. Kennedy left several comments disputing some of the facts in the news story, and became part of the discussion.

2-hour Standoff with an Empty Car

Police in San Diego thought they'd identified a suspect in a home invasion -an unnamed man who is on parole. The man in question called his parole officer to report his car had broken down on the interstate, and that he would be late for a meeting. Officers found the car on the side of the highway and demanded the suspect give himself up. After a two-hour standoff, during which time a police dog was dispatched and the trunk of the car was smashed, police moved in to find that there was no one in the car. The suspect is still at large, and is considered dangerous.