Reddit Raises $70,000 for Kenyan Orphanage

Jill Harness

When shocking pictures were released of Omari, a face-slashing victim who was working single-handedly to defend an orphanage from roving thugs in Kenya, Reddit users stepped up to help the children Omari nearly died protecting. The original post asking for help requested a meager $2,000 to build a security wall around the orphanage to protect the children inside. But in less than a day, generous site users had already contributed over $70,000.

With the massive amount of support given, the charity responsible for raising funds was able to start work on the security wall within 24 hours of the initial attack. Since then, the group has expanded their goals to support the long-term stability of the orphanage, including purchasing the building and land to avoid issues arising from the periodic inability to pay rent. Their new fundraising goal is $200,000 and the group is already halfway there.

If you'd like to help, you can donate on the Longonot Education Initiative website.